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Hello, world!

My name is Benjamin Engel

  • 21 years old
  • Web developer for 3 years
  • I know PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, SQL, SASS CSS, and LESS CSS
  • I have been learning python, java, and C
  • 3D modeling: Blender, Openscad, Maya, 123D design.
  • I build 3D printers
  • I was a google glass dev
  • Google Tango dev

Dollo 3D printer

I created the Dollo 3D as a proofe of consept, to show people that yes, a 3D printer can indeed print another 3D printer. Then I took it a lever more and made all of the models parametric, and the structure modular. So this printer can print its own extention pieces, to make its self larger, and it has a swappable head so that you can eithor laser-but CNC mill or 3D print with it,

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I love opensrource, and all of the good 3D model distrobution platforms were going closed source. So for a startup weekend project my dad and I came up with and made a git bases 3D model sharing platform that also connected to machines so they could get their idea put into production in a local setting instead of ordering things from china.

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FPV racing Quadcopter

I saw a video online about doing First Person View on a racing quadcopter and just knew that I had to make one of my own. I of course made it parametric with things like changing the weight of the frame, and what size of props you want.

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parametric VR Headset

Google cardboard is a pretty cool platform to play around with, but the issue I found was that it does not work with everyones phones, and some people want to use different lenses and have different face shapes. I used Openscad to make a parametric 3D printed version of google cardboard, meaning that you can programatically generate a VR headset that fits your needs.

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